Where Do Stretch Marks Come From?

16 Jul

stretch marks before and afterStretchmarks are one of the most common blemishes people suffer from, it mainly affects the thighs, bottom, and stomach.

They are formed by rapid weight loss, it is also common for women who have given birth. As weight is put on, skin stretches to accommodate the body’s new mass. After returning to a former size, the skin folds or sags which  is how stretchmarks form on your skin.

Stretchmarks usually look like small, stripes or bumps along the parts of the body that have expanded the most. They can be red, pink, purple or silver colour. They may not be very visible, but when run your hand across the body you may feel some areas where that skin is raised and puckered.

To begin restoring your skin to it’s supple, smooth and elastic condition, you need to use products that strengthen the skin   under your stretch marks in order to initiate collagen production..


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